Toltunk egy jobbféle demót a minap. Vannak reakciók, videó meg minden :)

* @pandemonial Quite impressed! This is sweet! Multiple domains, multiple langs, no question is going unanswered
* @csells OK, watching a live electrical circuit rendered and working in a C# file is pretty damn cool.
* @jolson Two words to say about the Electronics demo for Intentional Software: HOLY CRAPOLA. That’s it, my brain has finally exploded.
* @gblock This is not about snazzy demos, this is about completely changing the world we know it.
* @twleung ok, the intellisense for the actuarial formulas is just awesome
* @lobrien This is like seeing a 100-mpg carburetor : OMG someone is going to buy this and put it in a vault!

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