Dávid Németh Cs.


I’m the happy but often tired father of two beautiful daughters: Zsófi (2010) and Panni (2012). Our home is the former house of an interior designer. We enjoy making the garden more and more beautiful every year. Our wisteria is at least 20 years old, looks fantastic while blooming and dominates the property anyway.


I’ve been writing my personal blog since 2006. This is about every day things, interesting affairs, reviews of recently read books etc. The entries often have an underlying meaning, understandable only to me and the related people, but even without this knowledge it should be a good read to anyone blessed with a geek mind.


Having worked ten plus years in the software development industry I don’t want to mention preferred technologies here. I see programming as an intellectual challenge. I’m lucky to work in a great team of talented people experienced in various areas. We have our own processes synthesized from best practices of various methodologies. I enjoy pair programming, and working in sprints. I see great benefit in small ideas like engineering Fridays. I like to search for the proper tools for the actual problem. It gives the opportunity to develop myself continuously.

I prefer dealing with complex problems that nobody wants to solve (or notice). At the end everyone is happy and I think that’s what programming should be about.

I’m currently a principal engineer at Prezi.com in Budapest, Hungary. Formerly I was a senior developer at MobileEngine Kft. As a junior programmer I had the opportunity to work with Charles Simonyi on his dream of the Intentional Editor. As he writes:

I highly recommend David as a Software Engineer. He is inventive, versatile, and has a broad math background. He would be valuable to any software development effort.


It’s hard to speak about freetime since the birth of my daughters. When they are sleeping I enjoy programming competitions, reading books and working on fun projects.

I have also learned to juggle five balls for a couple of seconds, and I’m fairly good with less props. I prefer balls, but I can also juggle clubs. I’m also a supporter of the Hungarian juggling community with running a small juggling site since 2004.

I take computer security as a hobby. My 2000-ish years were spent on various security challenge sites, and I started my own one in 2007. Gekko is mostly about various areas of maths and programming. It’s fun to play, but haven’t become well known during the years.

I also enjoy playing the piano, although I’m not much of a pianist. I started to learn in 2016 at the age of 36, so you can imagine how good I could be… But I practice almost every day.